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1852 Great North Rd, Avondale 1026

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Yes, we can! Our director AJ became a paraplegic after her accident in 2016, so she knows exactly what it’s like to have your training regime disrupted. AJ will show you the right exercises for your abilities and body type to help get you fit and strong in no time.

We are situated in Great North Road, Avondale, and everyone in Auckland is welcome to join.

People of all levels of ability are welcome at Ryze Fitness Adaptive Studio. We draw on personal experience and expert knowledge in fitness training and adaptive functionality training to help people with low to high level support needs with exercises for weight loss, strength building and mobility.

Yes, everyone in Auckland is welcome at our physical training centre. We have regular boxing classes, group classes and personal training sessions, including 30-minute HIIT classes. We also train people with arthritis, obesity and other mobility conditions.

We have intimate knowledge of adaptive athlete training and offer smaller class sizes than other gyms in Auckland. This allows us to give you individual attention so you can feel safe and comfortable at all times. We’ll never throw you in the deep end! We work with you to identify your goals and work at your own pace to help you recover from injury and build up your strength gradually.