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Ryze Fitness.

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Who We Are: A Team That’s Not Afraid To Push The Limits

Ryze Fitness Adaptive Studio was created by AJ Poua in 2019. As a paraplegic, she understands the unique needs of people with different abilities but has not allowed her disability to obstruct her passion for fitness training and boxing.

“I see athletes every year go through injury and stop training once they get injured or go through surgery, resulting in weight gain, decreased fitness level, sometimes even quitting sport all together.” – AJ

If you are an adaptive athlete in Avondale or are facing challenges with mobility, fitness or strength, we’re here to tell you that you can still train with a disability, after surgery or after an injury. It’s possible to do push-ups with arthritis, and you can most certainly achieve your fitness goals with a prosthetic limb or even if you’re in a wheelchair. Think you’re too old for burpees? We believe you can defy the odds with our expert fitness trainers in Auckland!

The best thing about Ryze Fitness is that our fitness centre is big enough to provide you with quality resources and gym equipment but small enough to focus on you, with intimate classes that allow you to feel comfortable during your training. We’ll challenge your determination, but we’ll never push too hard, putting your health and safety first at all times.

No matter what your level of abilities might be, like the phoenix that rises from the ashes, you too can rise!

Ryze Fitness Manifesto.

Inspired By AJ.

Meet AJ, our founder, who’s also a CI T3 Complete Paraplegic and Personal Trainer. She began training adaptive athletes in 2017 at the Auckland Spinal Rehabilitation Unit before giving life to her own disability boxing gym in Auckland, Ryze Fitness Adaptive Studio. She’s the driving force behind what we do, and has made it her life’s mission to give people with disability or mobility issues hope that they can actively pursue their body goals.

“I started training adaptive athletes in 2017 after my accident in 2016. I know, that was fast right…. but that’s the determination I had to live my life on my terms. You can too! Let me show you how I overcame a life-changing experience and turned it into a career. No matter where you are in life, it’s never too late or too soon to change your lifestyle. Be who you were meant to be; the best version of yourself possible.” – AJ

The RyzeTeam.


SCI T3 Complete Paraplegic and Personal Trainer

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How We Can Help You.

We’ll help you define your goals and create a tailored program complete with regular measurements and progress tests. We’ll also identify your internal and external barriers and help you overcome them.

With our goal checks in place, you’ll be able to stay consistent and increase your ability to adapt and scale up. You’ll experience noticeable positive lifestyle changes.

Our team will motivate you to maintain healthy habits through our support. We’ll help you bring accountability, consistency and structure to your fitness regime for the best outcomes.

Within days of training with us, adaptive athletes will feel physically and mentally stronger. You’ll notice an improvement in your mobility and feel confident enough to set new goals. With our team in your corner, the sky’s the limit!


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